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Main Street Junior

On a trip to Disneyland, I spotted this folding screen in one of the Main Street windows.

It reminded me of what a stylized Mary Poppins cartoon might look like. I don't have the tools to build a version for myself, but it inspired a digital vision of a Main Street Jr.

I think it's adorable. If I were a kid, I'd want this as a playset. Heck, I want it as a grown-up kid! It may never make it into the physical world, but I needed a reason to use the color study I did of Main Street.

Thursday, May 31, 2012

New Disneyland Resort Esplanade

The newest offerings at Disney California Adventure are about to be revealed to the world. Besides the new entertainment, the new themed lands look to be immensely successful in terms of design and detail. It seems to me that the weakest link in all the newness is the area between the two parks: the Esplanade.

At the moment, it contains a compass, personalized bricks, strangely designed ticket booths, and temporary security eyesores.

So it's time for something new, something that compliments the transition but is also inviting in its own right. In addition, a number of Disneyland fans aren't quite so happy with the removal of the Carnation Plaza Gardens. So I decided to do a bit of old and new in the redesign.

In the center is the new Carnation Plaza Gardens. During the day, it offers a wonderful place to sit and wait for your friends and family to arrive at the park or a central meeting place when your groups are busy parkhopping. At night, swing bands are all the rage. Like the carousel through the castle, the lights and music coming from the middle of the esplanade draw you away from the hassle of trams, buses, and security check points to act as a prelude for the Act One of Main Street or Buena Vista Street. The current personalized bricks will surround the area.

(As a side note, my crazy brain imagines that the roof would be able to retract from the center, like closing a Japanese fan, for everyone to view the fireworks.)

The new (and permanent) security checkpoints will offer a larger and more efficient layout. Detailed ironwork, shingled roofs, and popcorn lighting all compliment the existing infrastructure.

Security Checkpoints

For me, the layout for the current ticket booths are strange and difficult to traverse. I've witnessed many cast members unable to herd the crowds into the right lines even on lighter days. I propose a two-fold solution. First are the ticket kiosks. These 8 structures offer guests touchscreen self-checkout for simple transactions, such as purchasing 1-, 2-, and 3-day tickets with a debit or credit card.

Ticket Kiosks

On either side of the entrance to Disney California Adventure are the Ticket Centers. These centers offer guests direct interaction with a cast member for more complicated transactions, such as renewing annual passports or purchasing specials or package deals. Guests will be able perform any type of transaction currently available at the existing ticket booths.

Ticket Centers

My main goal is to create a transitionary place for guests that is also 'magical' in its own right without conflicting with the theme of either park to the north and south.

Saturday, March 31, 2012

Really Bad Bat

Finished a new design for a subsequent painting as a housewarming present for a bat-crazy friend. (He's not actually crazy; he just likes bats.)

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Punisher Had a Cousin on his Mother's Side

Was driving home from lunch with the other half and saw a beat-up truck with a Punisher sticker on it. My brain went, "Zpppppffttt." What if the Punisher had a cousin? A horribly buck-toothed cousin. That'd be kinda funny. So I Google-seached my butt off trying to find out if someone had already done it. Didn't seem like it. So I made this.

Then I added some texture for extra buck-toothiness.

The Original Punisher

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Condor Flats

I don't use textures all that often, so I need some practice. I think texture can add a lot to the right piece, but I'm more prone to go with simple, flat colors. It just feels bolder and braver. But I'll keep playing around with it until I get it right. This is not an example of getting it right. This is an example of "Good try. But let's see some other versions, hmm?" (The inspiration came from mashing the old-school vintage travel posters with California Adventure's Condor Flats area.)